May 20, 2017 / by Martin

Lime Dev Camp 2017

A few days ago, we gathered all our developers for Lime Dev Camp 2017, our grand spring meetup, this time at Borstahusens Camping in Landskrona. During the camp we spent three days working on the theme “How can we reduce the gap between our products?”. We discussed and tried out solutions for various aspects of the theme, all from the obvious “how can we make our apps become more alike” to more behind the scenes issues like “how could you let the Snaplead app do things on your behalf in both Lime CRM and Lime Go”.

The camp schedule included sessions for discussion, coding workshops, cooking, retro game quizzing and beer drinking. And when everything felt the need to re-energize Tuesday afternoon, we went to play paintball (or painball as some of us experienced it). All in all, a very nice trip with lots of great team building across our four development teams!