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Frontend Lead Developer

Team: Lime Go (Lund), posted: August 23, 2017

Lime Go is our intelligent sales automation tool that thanks to sophisticated prediction technology and access to vast amounts of data about businesses in the Nordic region helps sales people find their future customers more easily.

Right now, we in the Lime Go dev team are looking for another smart colleague that can take lead on developing the user facing portion of the application. The frontend code is in good shape but needs some extra love and care in the months to follow so that we have a solid foundation for all the exciting things we are currently planning for. This means that right now there are even more interesting technical decisions to be made regarding the frontend stack than usual, so join us and make a difference!

This position is at our Lund office, easily accessible from both the Lund and Malmö region by car or public transport.

What you will do

In this position, you will have to:

  • Discuss, write, test and improve a lot of primarily frontend related code. If you happen to be a talented .NET developer as well we will let you loose on the backend as well.
  • Work and try out features closely together with product management and UI/UX designers.
  • Listen and adjust to customer feedback. User feedback is a big priority and affects almost every decision we make in some way or another.

If you in addition to being a great software developer like developing wetware, we can also offer:

  • An opportunity to take on the role as team lead. This includes responsibility for coaching and developing team members and making sure the team works in the right direction.
What we offer

When you work for us, you get:

  • The chance to influence the way you work, the technology stack and of course the product itself (which ultimately means improving the daily life of many users).
  • Employment in a product company where we own the entire lifecycle from development to end-user support. In other words – we have an understanding all the way up in the executive management team that Doing Things Right pays off in the end.
  • An invitation to our famous Hack Tuesdays, Lime Dev Camps and mandatory “fredagsfika” (everybody eats cake)
Skills and requirements

To be able to do the job well, we believe you:

Have 5+ years in a professional development role using relevant tech.

  • See the benefits from writing unit tests.
  • Have a serious get-things-done attitude and a healthy pragmatic view of things.
  • Enjoy working in an agile environment and love knowledge sharing.
  • Speak and write English fluently. If you know Swedish, it’s a big plus.
  • As we are currently recruiting new members for our house band, knowing how to play the bagpipes, theremin or nyckelharpa will of course give extra credit.
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